Mesh back chairs are fast becoming the most popular option for workplace seating and with all the benefits of a mesh office chair it is little wonder.Read on for a summary of the benefits of a mesh char in your office.

  • A mesh back allows for increased ventilation and air flow through the chair allowing the back to stay cool and dry
  • Increased venitlation also reduces muscle fatiguein the back
  • The flexibility of mesh allows the back to mould effortlessly to the user providing exceptional support and comfort.
  • Mesh is more resistant to wear and tear than fabric as there is no foam to lose shape or density and it’s tight weave means it’s less likely to rip or tear.
  • Mesh is easier to clean and maintain – simply wipe with a damp cloth; no drying time, no special fabric shampoo or upholstery cleaner.

PSI Seating have launched a new range of mesh seating featuring executive chairs, task and operator chairs as well as complimentary visitor and boardroom seating. As well as the many benefits of buying mesh you will still receive the efficient service, fast delivery and competitive pricing you have come to expect from PSI Seating.

Michelle Cornwell (Marketing Manager)