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  • Rick Hodges

Lockdown 2.0 Update

Hi there,

We just wanted to stay in touch and let you know that we will continue to produce your orders through the current lockdown.

Our industry has experienced numerous challenges over the last few months, most recently being foam shortages and increased costs of foam. Despite the irregular supply of foam, we still have several products that we carry the foams in stock for, or we stock the complete chair. Please contact our sales office for an up to date stock count on the products available.

Despite the current situation, some of our dealer partners have enjoyed particular success with the promotion of homeworking chairs delivered direct to end users through our Fastrack Service – so please remember that we are happy to personalise any of our e-shots that you have received from us recently so that you can offer this service to your customers.

In the mean-time, we hope that you, your colleagues and your loved ones stay safe.

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Unknown member
Jun 02, 2021

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