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  • Rick Hodges

Stem the TiDE!

Our latest stacking chair is now available for your specifications. Welcome to TiDE!

TiDE high density stacking chair suitable for use in all public buildings. The TiDE chair is comfortable, tough and easy to handle.

TiDE incorporates a classic chrome sled frame made from high tensile 12mm steel wire.

A contoured seat and back complete the chair, moulded from recycled polypropylene and finished with a matt sheen.

The TiDE chair also employs polycarbonate stacking blocks to facilitate storage and

linking clips to assist in the arranging of multiple chairs.

Available in 4 colours, this exquisite meeting chair is ideal for conference rooms, schools, universities, dining areas, common rooms, breakout areas and most other office


Slide through the gallery below for an overview of the extra attributes this great chair possesses!

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